Funky Buddha was created 2001 by founder Jimmy Man. It is owned and run by himself and his business partner Paul Chung to this day. Jimmy Man started his illustrious career as Manager of the Oriental restaurant in the Dorchester Hotel during which it became the first Oriental Restaurant in Europe to gain a Michelin Star. After leaving he set up a restaurant and karaoke bar at 15 Berkeley Street named Zen Garden and Zen Lounge. Zen Lounge became so popular that Jimmy sold Zen Garden and Zen Lounge became Funky Buddha, the first High End nightclub in Mayfair.

            Paul Chung (BSc Software Engeering)’s career has been based in hospitality and leisure industries. His first experience in the hospitality industry came at the Shangri-La Hotel chain. It was here that he learned the importance of constantly providing an exquisite service to all customers. After leaving Shangri-La he went on to found several businesses around the UK. He joined Jimmy at Funky Buddha in 2007 and they have never looked back.

Prior to Funky Buddha there were Discos and there were Members clubs. Funky Buddha combined the exclusivity and class of a Mayfair members club with the atmosphere and music of a venue designed for dancing the night away. As such the society of people that has developed in and around Funky Buddha is an inclusive and friendly one of high end and sophisticated individuals who are intent on enjoying the West-End’s finest music together.

            Since its birth Funky Buddha has been regularly frequented by the super stars of today and tomorrow. Many of the most famous musical artists, singers, fashion designers, Hollywood stars and sportsmen and women from around the world have been enjoyed the hospitality Funky Buddha has to offer. It is a haven where they can feel totally at ease away from the lime light.

            Funky Buddha is a place where people from all over the world come to party and network in a relaxed yet lively atmosphere. Everyone with pure intentions is welcomed with open arms into our society, we look forward to welcoming you too.


Best Wishes,

Funky Buddha