2015 Albums

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Thursday 09.04.2015 Champagne House

Sunday 05.04.2015 Easter Special

Saturday 04.04.2015 GLAM

Friday 03.04.2015 Thank Funk It’s Friday

Thursday 02.04.2015 Champagne House

Wednesday 01.04.2015 Ties Off Wednesday


Saturday 28.03.2015 GLAM

Friday 27.03.2015 Thank Funk It’s Friday

Thursday 26.03.2015 Champagne House

Wednesday 25.03.2015 Ties Off Wednesday

Saturday 21.03.2015 GLAM

Friday 20.03.2015 Thank Funk It’s Friday

Thursday 19.03.2015 Champagne House

Wednesday 18.03.2015 Ties Off Wednesday

Saturday 14.03.2015 GLAM

Friday 13.03.2015 Thank Funk It’s Friday

Thursday 12.03.2015 Champagne House

Wednesday 11.03.2015 Ties Off Wednesday

Saturday 07.03.2015 GLAM

Friday 06.03.2015 Thank Funk It’s Friday

Wednesday 04.03.2015 Ties Off Wednesday Presents DJ Colin Francis


Saturday 28.02.2015 GLAM

Friday 27.02.2015 Thank Funk It’s Friday Presents LION DANCE

Thursday 26.02.2015 Champagne House

Wednesday 25/02/2015 Ties Off Wednesday

Saturday 21.02.2015 GLAM presents London Fashion Week After Party

Friday 20.02.2015 Thank Funk It’s Friday! Year Of The Sheep

Wednesday 18.02.2015 CNY’s Eve Party

Saturday 14.02.2015 GLAM presents CUPID

Friday 13.02.2015 Thank funk it’s friday! Valentine Countdown

Thursday 12.02.2015 Champagne House

Wednesday 11.02.2015Valentine Oriental Pre-Party

Saturday 07.02.2015 GLAM

Friday 06.02.2015 Thank funk it’s friday

Thursday 05.02.2015 Champagne House



Saturday 31.01.2015 GLAM

Friday 30.01.2015 Thank funk it’s friday

Thursday 29.01.2015 Champagne House

Saturday 24.01.2015 GLAM

Friday 23.01.2015 Thank funk it’s friday

Thursday 22.01.2015 Champagne House

Saturday 17.01.2015 GLAM

Friday 16.01.2015 Thank funk it’s friday

Thursday 15.01.2015 Champagne House

Saturday 10.01.2015 GLAM

Friday 09.01.2015 Thank funk it’s friday

Thursday 08.01.2015 Champagne House presents Moët Train Party

Saturday 03.01.2015 GLAM

Friday 02.01.2015 Thank funk it’s friday